Individual Therapy
Individual clients usually come for therapy because of some area of personal dissatisfaction. They may be seeking assistance in making life-enhancing choices such as academic or career changes, or are struggling with decisions about parenting, marriage or divorce. Many clients begin therapy with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. These are all areas where my training and experience have made me an effective helper.

Assisting people in creating satisfying and productive lives is the ultimate goal of individual therapy. This may include finding ways to get relief of unpleasant psychological symptoms. I do refer clients with significant anxiety or depression to a psychiatrist for a consultation early in the course of therapy. For some clients, taking appropriate medication for a short period of time while in therapy will enhance a sense of well-being, allowing a more focused therapeutic effort in finding speedy solutions to the problems in their lives.

Some people seeking therapy may want to more fully explore the underlying issues that contribute to their lack of satisfaction with their lives. I am trained in depth-oriented Jungian psychotherapy. This approach seeks to access the unconscious through dreams, images and symbols to guide us towards a more full understanding of our personal truths leading to a more fulfilling life