Counseling Philosophy
I believe that the counseling experience should be as enjoyable and satisfying as possible for both client and therapist. My therapeutic skills enable me to find practical solutions to problems, allowing my clients to return to fulfilling lives in the shortest possible time. I also specialize in longer-term depth-oriented therapy, integrating spirituality, dream interpretation and symbolism into the therapeutic process with the intent of producing deeper self-understanding and the capacity to live a more meaningful and vital life.

Personal change occurs most effectively in the context of an emotionally connected and collaborative therapeutic relationship. I strive to maintain an interpersonal style that is relaxed, open, and friendly, encouraging a sense of ease in my clients from the very first session. My home-like office setting creates a comfortable environment that supports productive therapy.

Trust is an integral part of any good counseling relationship. My conscientious adherence to the most stringent of ethical professional practices in almost two decades of practice is testimony to my commitment to trustworthiness.